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Welcome To Vitascript Brisbane

Vitascript is a Dispensary Clinic and Natural Health Clinic, located in sunny Brisbane. We are Australia's largest Herbal and Nutritional Compounding Dispensary with same day dispense and dispatch.


Vitascript was born when we noticed how difficult it was for patient's to access practitioner support, or to fill their natural medicine scripts, and were being charged through the roof for prescriptions and consultations with unimpressive results. We set about creating a dispensary clinic that is always 20% below the recommended retail price with weekly and ongoing specials, just so your natural health care is more affordable.


Vitascript is a place where no one falls through the cracks: if you need a quick script dispensed on the same day you order it, or you need to talk to a practitioner about a health concern, or simply need to have a script issued, we are there for you.

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Natural Health Clinic

Although we don't limit ourselves to what we can help you attain when it comes to your health and wellbeing, there are certain areas we are experts in!


Explore below to discover how we can work together to help you regain your zest for life and take back what you may have lost.

Our specialties include treatment for Autoimmune Diseases, Anxiety, Brain Health, Depression, Children's Health, Teen Health, Adrenal Health, Cardiovascular Disease and Cholesterol Management, Hormonal Health, Oncology, Chemotherapy Support, Gut Brain Health and much more...

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