Anxiety, Depression, Brain Health & You

Recent developments into neuro-immunology have shown critical relationships between the brain and all body systems at the cellular and subcellular levels.


Neuroinflammation has been shown to drive a number of brain pathologies including depression, anxiety, OCD, alzheimer's, neurodegenerative diseases such as parkinson's and MS.


Your Vitascript naturopath and scientist will support your brain health by:

  • Investigating neuroinflammation and the source of it in your body closely looking at the role of dietary habits , microbes and viruses, inflammatory markers, microbiome, heavy metals and eliminatory channels to improve your brain health.

  • Symptomatic relief of anxiety, depression, exhaustion and stress to help you get through a difficult time by offering a supportive, natural and evidence based prescription service that gently supports you at each stage of your mental health. If you are on medication we thoroughly check the interactions of any medications you take with your natural prescription, including previous prescriptions from past practitioners.

  • Investigate your neurotransmitter levels including serotonin, cortisol, acetylcholine to determine if a neurotransmitter imbalance is causing mental health symptoms.

  • Work to improve your BDNF and circulation to the brain

  •  Use of key brain and neuro modulating herbs, nutrients and dietary measures to help your nervous system regain balance.

Image by Ben White