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Practitioner Only

Welcome To Vitacript's Online Herbal Dispensary

Herbal medicine is the oldest and still the most widely used system of healthcare in the world today.

Medical Herbalism is the science-based medicinal use of plants and the preparations derived from them, in the treatment, alleviation and/or prevention of disease or injury, according to recognized standards of quality, safety, and efficacy.

The World Health Organisation encourages the rational application of traditional and complementary medicine, especially in the prevention and management of chronic diseases, as well as in meeting the health needs of aging populations (Source: WHO global report on traditional and complementary medicine 2019).

At Vitascript, the Herbal Preparations dispensed are
strictly practitioner-grade and prescription-only.


Only practitioners with at least four years  training as a Medical Herbalist or Naturopath  are able to prescribe herbal preparations of this strength and quality.

Our herbal tinctures are sourced from the leading manufacturers in Australia and are registered to comply with the Therapeutic Goods Administration regulations.

Your naturopath or medical herbalist is the most qualified person to advise you of any interactions between your natural prescription and any other medications you may be taking.


Stringent Regulation

Under the Therapeutic Goods Administration, Australia has some of the strictest regulations in the world for herbal medicines. There is a wealth of high quality published scientific evidence demonstrating safety and efficacy in disease treatment of prescription only complementary medicines. Medical Herbalism remains the most scientifically validated form of medicine in the category of natural health.

The same efficacy cannot be expected of over the counter medicines which naturally have lower doses and are not subjected to the stringent processes of efficacy as prescription only medicines.



How can I access a herbal medicine prescription?

Do you have a script for your herbal medicine prescription?

Simply upload it here, text or email it to hello@vitascript.com.au and we will dispatch your herbal medicine, same day once payment is made.

If you require a herbal prescription, and don't have a script, you can simply book in below.....

Please note that you must upload a script to be able to receive your liquid herbs. If you don't have a script, we can help with a free consult. Click below to book now...