Autoimmune Disease

With over one million Australians suffering from an autoimmune condition, and the leading cause of death in women under 65 researchers are trying to find out why autoimmune disease is on the rise and have found several mechanisms  which lead to or protect us from autoimmunity.


The Autoimmune Research council says "no one is immune to autoimmune disease". 


Currently there are over 100 autoimmune disorders all caused by the common thread of autoimmunity or, our immune system produces an incorrect response against our own cells, tissues and organs, resulting in inflammation and tissue damage. This burdens our immune system further, leading us to take medications that suppress our immune response, which may help symptoms of our autoimmune disease, but compromises the main job of our immune system which is to kill and destroy bacteria, viruses and faulty cells.

During your consultation, your VitaScript Naturopath will discuss your immune system and investigate the reasons why your immune system is dysregulated or confused, with a key focus on:

  • The impact of environmental toxins  and stress on your immune system

  • Heavy metals and correct elimination via skin, bowel, liver, and kidneys and your immune system

  • The role of viruses, bacteria and mould in immune confusion

  • The role of gut health, leaky gut, gut pathogens inc. SIBO & H. Pylori, microbiome health, and food allergies in immune confusion

  • Chronic inflammation in autoimmunity and it's role in pain, peripheral neuropathy, stress, insomnia, metabolic syndrome and obesity

  • Use of key immune modulating and supportive herbs, nutrients and lifestyle changes to help your immune system become healthy again.

Image by Ivan Aleksic