Healthy, Happy Children

Mild illness is a natural part of growing up and can't always be avoided...

Children encounter germs from the moment they come into the world, and as they interact and explore it - playing with and meeting new friends.

This is not something to be afraid of as this process is a natural part of their development, especially their immune system. From birth, children are building and strengthening their acquired immunity with each new immune encounter.

Like adults, little ones can face more serious challenges to their health and happiness and this can be difficult not only for your child, but for you as a parent, too.

As you hold your blissful baby in your arms, take the hand of your tiny tot, or wrestle your tall teen into a bear hug, you feel like you'd do anything and everything in your power to ensure their wellbeing.

But sometimes your child may experience challenges in life that are outside of your control. External events or illness, for example, may occur that you can't preempt, avoid, solve, prevent or fix for them, as much as you wish you could.

Fortunately, what you can do, is focus on the basics of health and wellbeing, essential to giving your child the best chance in life - offering you some peace of mind that your child is off to a good start as they set out in life, prepared with tools for the adventure ahead.

Building strong foundations of physical, mental, emotional, social, spiritual and environmental health means that when challenges inevitably arise, your child will be equipped to weather the storm, together with you.

Vitascript endeavours to support you as a parent in your children's health, guiding you through common and not so common childhood conditions while providing a practical approach to you as a parent.

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