Thyroid Disorders

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

What is causing your Thyroid Disorder

It is usually a combination of things that contribute to thyroid dysfunction: it is a very sensitive gland that is affected by many things, including environmental toxins that can block the uptake of key nutrients needed to make thyroid hormones; stress, nutrient deficiency, and genetics to name just a few.

Poor hormonal and endocrine health will affect thyroid health and vice versa.

Autoimmunity and Thyroiditis: is where your immune system makes antibodies that attack your thyroid, creating inflammation and damage to your thyroid: this destroys the cells in your thyroid that make the thyroid hormones.

What can cause this?

Genetics - maternal family history: if someone in your family has autoimmunity you are more likely to develop it


Periods of Rapid growth (kids and teens at risk)

Nutrient deficiency

Endocrine disruptors: chemicals such as PCBS, DDT and Bisphenols: Dioxin which is found in commercial tampons and pads can disrupt T3 and T4 levels, blocking their conversion and uptake into cells.

It is so important to know the environmental toxins you have been exposed to:

Have you recently had a thyroid flare?

Did you recently get a new car, mattress, renovating etc.

Heavy metal toxicity: mercury lowers iodine uptake

Cadmium: triggers thyroid enlargement, nodules development and is implicated in thyroid cancer

Your thyroid is known as an environmental sensing gland which means it can take up toxins, chemicals and viruses and accumulate in the thyroid, which can displace the key nutrient for healthy thyroid which is iodine. It is so sensitive, with lots of blood flow and lymph glands near it.

At Vitascript we take particular note of your exposure to chemicals and case history right back to early childhood.

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